Paul Lewicki, PhD

Dr. Paul Lewicki PhD is a cognitive scientist, entrepreneur and investor and joined the board of directors in November 2020. Paul co-founded Holo Surgical Inc. and most recently served as its President from 2016 until its acquisition by Surgalign in 2020. Paul previously served as Chief Executive Officer of StatSoft, a company he founded that pioneered commercial applications of Big Data learning and data mining, and rapidly became a large developer of data mining solutions for all industries with offices in 30 countries and over 1 million customers, until StatSoft was acquired by Dell in 2014. Paul is a former professor of cognitive psychology at the University of Tulsa (1984 – 2009) where he established the Nonconscious Information Processing Laboratory, funded by multiple grants from the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health. Paul currently serves on the board of directors of Dystrogen Therapeutics Inc., Kardiolytics Inc., and Inteneural Networks Inc. Paul received his Master of Science and PhD at the University of Warsaw. Paul is a thought leader in predictive analytics and has a deep passion for the use of artificial intelligence to promote the general welfare by accelerating technology progress in the area of medicine.