Cofix™ Posterior MIS Fusion System

The Cofiximplant is intended for use with an interbody cage as an adjunct to fusion at a single level in the lumbar spine. The unique implant design allows for stabilization after decompression to promote fusion and offers an alternative to pedicle screw fixation when used with an interbody fusion device.

  • INTERLAMINAR POSITIONING – The Cofix implant is positioned on the strongest bony structure of the posterior column, the lamina. Insertion at the level of the facet joints is designed to allow the implant to counteract the majority of posterior column forces to maintain foraminal height and unload the facet joints.

    IMPLANT FIXATION – The implant wings, screws and sleeves are designed to allow for a low profile, tissue friendly, anatomical fit. The implant wings can be adjusted to the morphology of the spinous processes and fixated with the screws and sleeves.

    LARGE CONTACT SURFACE –  Large implant footprint provides coverage of the spinous processes and the laminae. This allows for load distribution and reduced stresses on the anatomical structures.

    SERRATED TEETH – Serrated teeth both inside the wings and on superior and inferior arm of the Cofix implant provide primary fixation.

    POSTERIOR NOTCH –  Allows for placement of bone graft to support fusion.