SImmetry® SI Joint Fusion System

IS it SI?®

The SImmetry system is a minimally invasive SI joint fusion system that uses proven orthopedic principles, including joint decortication, bone grafting and fixation, to achieve true arthrodesis.

Regulatory approvals vary by country. Therefore, we kindly ask you to contact the distributor in your region regarding availability of specific products, implants and / or instrumentation in your region.
  • Symptoms of SI joint dysfunction include:

    • Pain in your buttock
      Pain on one or both sides of your lower back that may extend into the thigh or groin.
    • Difficulty sitting or lying on the painful side
      These positions can stress the SI joint, which may cause pain and make simple actions like turning over in bed difficult.
    • Pain performing daily activities
      Climbing stairs, kneeling or other activities that cause your pelvis to twist can cause pain.

    If you have some of these symptoms, your doctor can perform simple tests to determine whether your pain is caused by an SI joint problem.

    Because of its pivotal location, a damaged SI joint can make the simplest activities painful.

    1. Lumbar spine
    2. Sacrum
    3. Ilium
    4. Sacroiliac Joint